Are you planning on implementing SAP software or are you already using SAP in your business? To guarantee an efficient application of a software specifically adapted to your individual requirements, we really look forward to being your competent partner in:

  • Logistics (production, distribution, materials management)
  • Repair and service management
  • Product and process engineering

Do not be content to simply apply SAP! Get the maximum out of your software. The SAP business suite offers you a wide range of alternatives.

If you:

  • choose the right functionalities
  • adapt these functionalities by customizing them to suit your processes perfectly
  • realize individual requirements through add-on development

your business will benefit enormously by obtaining a competitive advantage. We would like to support you!

  • Our long-time experience and expertise with the above mentioned SAP modules and industries
  • our ideas and innovative methods
  • our analytical and professional approach in a project

are the ideal supplement to your SAP team!


SAP-related efficient and customer centric consulting involves many aspects, on which we set a high value:


Product and Process Engineering

Core Competencies

SAP Module Application

Ever since ITeanova was created and over the past years, the expertise of people brought together into one team covers a variety of SAP modules. Below are a list of modules which ITeanova has already worked in.


  • PP - Production Planning
  • MM - Materials Management
  • WM - Warehouse Management
  • PM/SM - Plant Maintenance/Service Management
  • SD - Sales/Distribution
  • Variant Configuration
  • QM - Quality management


  • PP/DS - Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling
  • DP - Demand Planning
  • SNP - Supply Network Planning
  • GATP - Global ATP


  • Product structure
  • Process structure
  • Factory layout
  • Specialized processing

Other Competencies

  • BW/BI - Business warehouse