Core Competencies

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What do we do? Focus on Supply Chain Planning

Within supply chain issues, planning is certainly the most challenging, complex and difficult, but also the most important!

SAP Module Application

The “why” is obvious: it is always trickier to predict the future than to analyze the past. To plan properly, you need both: you have to draw the right conclusions from the past (which has been recorded with the necessary data) in order to be prepared for the future: both in the short-term horizon for operative action and in the long-term horizon for strategic future decisions. And precisely because the supply chain reality is so diverse, difficult to standardize and “looking into the future” offers so many variants, the combination of both is the most demanding discipline of the business management challenges for a company. Of course, the quality with which it is pursued is also a decisive and perhaps THE success factor for your company

ITeanova has decades of experience in this area - with customers in different sectors, with different issues and in different constellations

Customer orientation Solutions based on experience

Through intensive work within the above fields, our insights have grown and products/solutions have emerged that ITeanova would like to share with you. We approach these challenges pragmatically, trying to bring in the experience from our successful solutions. We are never absolute: our customer X has solved problem Y with solution Z, and we will do the same for you.

We are aware that in the supply chain world two scenarios are never completely identical. That is why we always approach a new challenge individually: every customer is unique and deserves a unique and customized solution. Customer orientation is our most important principle! Nevertheless, it is helpful to draw parallels to already successful project deployments and to use a standardized solution, whether from SAP, ITeanova or a third party, as a basis and orientation when it seems opportune. Aware of this “philosophy”, we never get tired in our efforts to:

  • Understand the customer
  • Internalize their scenarios
  • Get to know their organization and the people working there
  • Identify their problems
  • Understand their requirements and specify them with the customer
  • Discover potential for improvements that have not yet been identified

Ever since ITeanova was created and over the past years, the expertise of people brought together into one team covers a variety of SAP modules. Below is a list of modules that ITeanova has already worked on.

Our Core Competencies are in the following areas:


  • PP - Production Planning
  • MM - Materials Management
  • WM - Warehouse Management
  • PM/SM - Plant Maintenance/Service Management
  • SD - Sales/Distribution
  • Variant Configuration
  • QM - Quality management


  • Product structure
  • Process structure
  • Factory layout
  • Specialized processing


  • PP/DS - Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling
  • DP - Demand Planning
  • SNP - Supply Network Planning
  • GATP - Global ATP

Other Competencies

  • BW/BI - Business warehouse

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