Through a number of projects with automotive manufacturers and suppliers as well as close collaboration with the SAP automotive industry business unit, we have built up significant expertise in this industry.
Products and production processes are highly complex, yet this industry demands an efficient, flexible and fast engineering as well as management of processes of the logistic chain .

We offer services in the following fields:
  • Modelling and engineering of complex and multi-variant automotive products (vehicles, engines, etc.) with object dependencies
  • Manufacturing process engineering for production lines
  • Special delivery schedule logic
  • Packaging logistics for manufacturing and delivery
  • MRP, production and capacity planning on all levels of the bill of material
  • Material provision for production lines (Kanban, JIT)
  • Data collection and confirmation
  • Make-to-stock production
  • Parts supersession, spare parts management

Aerospace and Defence

In the aerospace and defense industry safety and completeness of documentation of all critical parts in production and maintenance are of utmost importance. At the same time, process complexity and costs must be manageable.

In this field we have worked on a considerable number of projects in cooperation with SAP experts.

These projects comprise:
  • Development of a functionality for creating aircraft manuals based on enhancements of the iPPE product structure
  • Aircraft engineering through global collaboration of business partners involved in construction processes
  • Management of all repair and maintenance process levels (from sales order to delivery) for airplane parts integrating service notifications and orders.
  • Development of an inspection and repair cockpit for helicopter engines, including spare parts determination and procurement (diagnosis of damages and subsequent activities and logistics for repair/maintenance)
  • Enhancements to enable multi-level availability check for critical helicopter engine parts
  • Production and capacity planning


In the engineering industry extensive projects with customer individual requirements are common place, e.g. production and construction. The SAP Module Project Systems supports these requirements.

Among other projects, we have integrated production planning functionalities (capacity planning, multi-level availability check) in the SAP Module Project Systems. Moreover, we created configuration models for engineering purposes.

Chemistry/Pharmaceutical Industry

The whole range of logistics functions is requested by the chemical and pharmaceuticals industry with an emphasis on the management of batches and their characteristics.

To this end, we have developed a planning tool to enable the reconciliation of production line capacities. Our tool takes into account the following operation procedures:

  • Material flow from raw material to finished product
  • Linking the individual resources/stations of a production line (e.g. production line, tank and filling facility) for purposes of integrated planning
  • Batch allocation and management of batch characteristics through all levels of the production process

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods are often produced in repetitive mass manufacturing by make-to-stock production to cover the demands of distribution centres.

We developed software dealing with the following topics:

  • Planning production lines for make-to-stock production (manufacturing without production orders) with the aim of running the production line at full capacity, to minimise set-up times and to cover all requirements
  • Repetitive backflushing of components
  • Material provision for production lines
  • Inventory/stock taking
  • Outbound distribution logistics


We developed software dealing with the following topics:

  • Fast changing product spectrum
  • Learning curves and in production
  • Mass and make-to-stock production in combination with complex make-to-order
  • Handling of Software in Products